Call for dance film submissions for MyDance Festival 2013

In conjunction with MyDance Festival 2013, a screening of Malaysian-made dance films will be held on Saturday, 1 June 2013 at the lobby of Panggung Bandaraya before the dance performance scheduled for that evening. The aim of the screening is to showcase and to spur development of dance films made by local filmmakers and dance choreographers. The event is organized by MyDance Alliance.

Submission deadline:
12 May 2013.

Submission requirements:
We are looking for dance work shot specifically for the camera, as opposed to recordings of dance made for the stage. All dance forms are acceptable, from contemporary to ballroom to hip-hop, etc. Choreography in the dance film can be set (i.e pre-choreographed) or created in the moment (i.e. improvised choreography). Dance films can be in the genre of narrative, theme oriented, abstract or documentary and must be five minutes or less. There are no limitations on production date (i.e. they can have been made or shown in the past). Films can be shot in any format, although preferably in HD. All rights to the films must be held by the person or organisation submitting. You may submit more than one film. No submission fee is required.

What happens once you submit your film?

Films selected for the screening will be chosen by a committee within MyDance Alliance that oversees the project. The filmmaker retains all rights to their film and gives MyDance Alliance permission to screen the film at MyDance Festival 2013. By submitting your film, you agree to give MyDance Alliance permission to upload not more than 20 seconds of your film online (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, MyDance Alliance’s website) for promotional purposes. Filmmakers will be notified of curating results within a week of the submission deadline.

Film submission details:

1) Fill in the submission form. Download the submission form in Word Document format or fillable PDF format.
2) Email the submission form to
3) Send us your film. Send the film via or via an online link to the film (e.g.Youtube, Vimeo, etc).


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